Hi guys welcome to this video thank you so much for coming and clicking through I usually like to keep my videos within 10 minutes so I’m just gonna show you some great content I’m going to I’m gonna just talk you quickly through what affiliate marketing is so obviously this video is about for the marks in how to start affiliate marketing but how to start today especially let us tick all of the hard work with for you let’s get you some great promotions to get involved with. I’m gonna show you out right now okay so generally when you start filling marketing now you may or may not know this but if you don’t know really what to do there are basically five things that you need you need to find yourself what we call a niche or a niche what that is is what area of products you want to sell in is it to do a gardening is it to do with driving is it to do with golf is it to do with how to make money at home online like this so you need to have a little bit to think about the area that interests you the most it might be health and wellness it might be network marketing whatever but you need to really drill that down and deciding yourself which one to do once you know which one you wanted to you didn’t need to find a product within that that’s looking good that looks like it’s gonna sell which is fairly current which is fairly new if it’s an established product as it stood the test of time. it’s still selling at the refund rates alone all of these things you’ve kind of got it spend a lot of time researching this stuff and it can take a long long time you’ve also then if you’re going to blog about it make a video you’ve got to do some keyword research so you know if it’s a make money online product that you want you’ve kind of got to think of the the term and the phrase that people are tightening today laptops and stuff so they can find your video and that your video is findable and all of that stuff as well then you may have to build a site or a page something like this this is called a landing page and this is generally what we send traffic to if you don’t know what traffic is trap it is basically how people find all the people who are looking for what you’ve got so potential customers potential subscribers to your email list all of these things again you know you need to know how to do with this link it to your art responder and then blah blah blah blah. So again if this is too much then I can help you with that so let’s let’s just take this back so I want to show you something called the Commission machine now the Commission machine I’m going to go to now what this does is this gives you it gives you some training but it also gives you some done-for-you promotions that we found that are selling now they’ve got some lovely evergreen products you know things that stood the test of time and we’ve also got the email campaigns for you as well which you can use and what it does is it means that you don’t have to look for a niche as long as you don’t mind the make money online niche we’ve got the products for you as well and I’m just going to whip through this page I just want to show you the members area so it’s well nice and set out it’s easy to follow it goes through what we call the rapid formula what me by a commission machine is that you find a product and you send some traffic to it and that becomes the Commission machine okay researching how to find programs online the angle teams when you market in providing incentives for your customers to buy through you and nobody else and the nullus method which is a facebook method okay but this is where the good stuff is great stuff should the same as how to use these. Done for you so what we’ve done is we’ve found you these brilliant promos this is this was only released last week and it’s June the night now 2018 so this is brand new very current selling and by that does it’s a really really good good-looking sales page and everything and you would get that through here you will need a jvzoo page okay yeah so you’ll need a jvzoo page you just you just join up now what you can do is if you look under the video you’ll find my text box two small roads right in in some some links in there just for you have a look at there’s a jvzoo one there click on the GB zoom link you’ll open a new window up and open an account if you’ve got one fantastic underneath the jvzoo like this something called warrior plus if you’ve not got a whirring post account it’s very similar to jvzoo click on the link set up that account as well because you’re going to need them if you want to be an affiliate marketer because they’re there that’s where most of our products are okay okay so let’s just go back to the Commission machine. So that’s Patrick’s block sold very very well that’s that went through worried plus so what you would do is under request approval you click on there I’ll just show you what’s gonna sign in tonight okay Inigo you just click on request approval and as it says as it says here click on their request approval okay so I’m just following his instructions the request offer and I’ll probably get that in the next 48 hours okay so that’s what you would do there okay so and this loads here look at all the things loads of them so you just request approval hmm most of these are HTML yeah those are websites those are the sales pages he just got the sales page you can study the sale page yeah there’s some great great products and their feeds promote so that’s kind of taken all of the work out with your hands really so you don’t need to do any of the research for any of that if you want to great do it because it will it’ll do you do your branding very well but if you want to learn that steadily while you make money through products already sourced for you I suggest that you go through all of this now if you need traffic you can either buy traffic and again under the video box you can go to something called udemy yeah so you could go now you’ve got to be careful with these because let me just go back yeah bro momento so I would look for someone like this they’ve got a lot of orders made and stuff but if you what if you’re interested in using you to mate you can click a my link under the video and just register then why don’t you contact me through. The Facebook link to me is also underneath this video or you can put something in the comments I’ll get in touch with you and I’ll do you a video especially on how to use you to make you one if you want to use free traffic then you can make a youtube video like this just make sure you got your keywords sorted and do a blog or you know use corer or sell through Facebook and that’s how you can drive some free traffic as well okay so we have coming up to ten minutes now and a promise on that so what we learn very quickly we’ve learned that you’d need to find a niche find a product choose your keywords build the site drive traffic we’ve done everything apart from the traffic and although we’ve got some trap we’ve got a couple of traffic courses within yeah we’ve got get traffic there and we’ve got no list method there so you are covered now what I would do is I would get the front end product I’d get the upsell so you get the done few promos and just consider this one there are seven other Commission machines in there as well okay. I’m gonna leave you with it have a good think about it have a look at the sales page and you can click through for that you can buy through this link and you can get started and if you start sending traffic today you can start making money today without all of that work so without further ado thank you very much for watching I hope you got a tiller value through this I hope it’s helped you get started and I will be back in a new video tomorrow thank you As found on Youtube For More Info Click Here