Vendor: Kurt Chrisler
PRO: Easy to use to link any WordPress image
CON: Requires WordPress

AffiliBoster Review & Bonus

AffiliBooster Review

What is Affiliboster ? When you go to a website, what is the first thing you notice?

That's easy, The Images! 


How Does It Work?

AffiliBooster allows you to add linking "Hot Spots" onto any image.

When a website visitors clicks on a hot spot within the image they are able to view more info about that product.

You can send the visitor to an affiliate product, your own product, or anywhere else you would like.

Affilibooster Gym

This system is very easy to setup if you can install a wordpress plugin then you can use Affilibooster. 

Bonus !

Bonus 1

WP Traffic Domination Training

Bonus 2

Azon Affiliate Bar Plugin

Bonus 3

FB Affiliate Alert Box PLugin


Traffic Domination
FB Affiliate Alert Box PLugin
Azon Affiliate Bar Plugin

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