LetsMail Review

The New Self Hosted Email Responder From Mike From Maine

Provide SUPERIOR email delivery - with no user's delivery being put at risk by the actions of others
Allow unlimited lead imports with
NO restrictions
Let people send unlimited emails with NO monthly fees emails with NO MONTHLY FEES

LetsMail Review


IT's removed the 'shared' email creation platform.

You still create emails as normal, but can NEVER be affected by other users.

Not today, tomorrow, next month or next year.

You won't notice any difference in writing or scheduling emails. The user dashboard is as sleek and user friendly as any leading autoresponder.

But behind the scenes your emails are completely insulated from every other user.

So you and only you have full control over your deliverability!

Installed on your own word press site so no share ip address as most cloud solutions use.

LetsMail Review


F/E : LetsMail ($37-$47)

Self hosted full featured Autoresponder system. Gives people full control over their emailing without any restrictions while getting the the best delivery.

OTO 1: Pro Upgrade ($67-$97)

Remove LetMail branding from email footer, send up to 200X faster, resend to unopens

OTO 2: Agency Access ($147)

Sell the LetsMail software with everything provided.

OTO 3: Live Coaching + List building software ($67)

In this live coaching Brett is going to teach his 'secret tactic' that allows him to get paid hundreds of dollars to add dozens of ready to spend buyer leads to his email list.

So if you look at the cost for running a list of 2500 or more you will quickly save money compared to other software as a service email list solutions.

Lets Mail Cost for 1 year 5000 to unlimited subscribers = $297

Awebber Cost for 1 year 5000 subscribers = $588

Just from this quick bit of adding up you can see how much LetsMail Review will save you over the next 3 years.

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