Solo Ads How To Build A UDIMI Mailing Email Address List

How To Build  A Email List With UDIMI Solo Ads

What Are Solo Ads ?

Solo Ads are a marketing system that offers guaranteed clicks for a fixed price.

They are a great cost-effective way to purchase high quality traffic.  The only issue is that unless you purchase from a trusted provider you do not know if the traffic is high quality. This is where the best Solo Add provider UDIMI comes in.

UDIMI is a managed Solo Ads exchange marketplace connecting buyers and sellers. The UDIMI service guarantee a good arrangement between both parties. The UDIMI service provides protection against fraud, spam, and timewasters.

Buyers get – access to high quality email lists with proven response rates.

Sellers get – qualified advertisers with a genuine product or service offer.


How To Build Your Solo Email List In 4 Easy Steps

Find a great offerSetup a high-quality landing pageConnect an auto responderRun Traffic from UDIMI Solo Ads

The best places to find high converting offers to get started depending on you niche are the following 3 places:


Offer Vault

Click Bank

Chose an offer that has high gravity and a good price point on the front end between $15 and $45 will work well. Make sure the offer has a good sales page and looks professional, if it is on Click Bank make sure it has high gravity. (google it if you don’t understand)

Setup a high-quality landing page this part is key it needs to be a high converting one.

The best two options for building these pages are Click Funnels or Optimize Press, both are great options Click Funnels has a 14 day free trial so is free to get started.

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Next you need to connect an auto responder to the landing page we have found Aweber

After connecting the auto responder, you will need to setup a email sequence to follow up on your leads, create at least 12 emails and schedule them over a week.

The Final Key To Success UDIMI

The final key to success is traffic with out traffic you are dead in the water. The best quality traffic you can buy as a aspiring wealthy affiliate is UDIMI. UDIMI Solo ads are guaranteed traffic so you will get exactly the clicks you purchase and most times they over deliver.

The Steps to finding sellers.

1) Loginto your UDIMI account and select find Sellers


2) Under UDIMI Find Sellers setting the max price you wish to pay and the Got sales setting I sugest you set this to 30% as we have seen good results with this UDIMI setting.

UDIMI Solo setup

3) Pick a UDIMI seller that is congurent with your offer and buy some traffice as a test

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